Facebook vs. Myspace – Which is Better for business?

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Social NetworksMyspace vs. Facebook – Which Is Better?

The answer depends on how you answer two questions:

  • Why do you want to set up a social network?
  • Where are the people you want to connect with currently networking?

Facebook – The Better Social Networking Platform For Businesses

If you are looking for a social networking tool to use for business, Facebook has grown up.  No longer seen as a network just for teens, in 2010, Facebook became the first online entity to surpass Google in visitor traffic  per month.  You can follow people, organizations, businesses, and even Governments on Facebook.  The question once asked by doubters “is Facebook ready for business?” has been answered.  The new question has become “is your business ready for Facebook?”

Myspace – The Better Social Networking Platform For Music Buffs

While Facebook has evolved into a dynamic multi-purpose social networking tool that appeals to people of all ages – and to businesses, Myspace continues to attract a typically younger, more defined crowd – especially those interested in sharing multimedia and following the entertainment industry.  If you love music, videos, and celebrities and want to connect with a hipper crowd, Myspace has historically been the place to get connected.  However, in January 2011, Myspace laid off almost half of its 1,000 employees – a clear indicator we may see a decline in future developments unless Myspace finds new ways to breathe life into a subculture that has not been able to compete with the broader appeal of Facebook.

Facebook Wins for Business, Family, and Friends

If you are interested in connecting with others for business purposes, Facebook currently offers the best social media platform for business, families, friends, and of course, attorneys – that is, unless you are an entertainment lawyer, then you should exploit both Facebook and Myspace.

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