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Attorney Marketing ReviewsPublished:  April 19, 2010 | Updated:  February 14, 2013

I have discussed (and will continue to discuss) some of the down sides to consider before signing up with FindLaw.  However, I think it only fair that I also mention some of the upsides.

First, FindLaw builds really beautiful, highly customized websites.  Whatever you want – they have the talent to deliver.   (Just be sure you know the down sides of using a lot of Flash features on your website before you get too fancy – not only is Flash a turnoff for visitors and search engines, but it is usually very expensive.)

FindLaw’s website designers are top-notch when it comes to visual design. If you compare several FindLaw website designs you will often find that they have a standard formula for site navigation and content layout.  They may do this because consumers want this, but I suspect it is just easier to stay “inside the box.”  But do not hesitate to ask for something different – FindLaw can and will do whatever you want.

Second, they are well established – a mega beast when it comes to building attorney websites and there is little chance they will close up shop tomorrow.  In today’s world of “fly by night” web service companies, that can be a big plus.

Last, they do have some success with search engine marketing – that is, they can get inbound links to your website (but your contract probably states that they can get them anywhere they choose.)

FindLaw has a great pool of content writers that will write and publish website content and articles on your behalf.  We have worked with several of FindLaw’s content writers and found some to be much better than others at delivering targeted material.  If you do not like your content team leader ask for someone else.

If you buy into their article publishing services be advised that most of the published articles and inbound links you will get from there are from sites controlled by FindLaw.  Ordinarily, for a smaller company, that would be a big negative, but again, FindLaw’s “giant” status helps.  Still, you should not pay for inbound links that only come from FindLaw-owned or control websites – you also need links from other “trusted and valued” websites.

FindLaw will submit articles on your behalf to other publication sites like; a site that neither offends nor impresses search engines.  But hey, it is one more outside link and if you did this for yourself, you would have to pay 24-7 and write the content, and, it is our experience most attorneys would much rather be writing briefs than website content.

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