Your First Amendment Rights Under the United States Constitution

By November 21, 2016 No Comments

We made this video to help spread social awareness about the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and not for the purposes of promoting any particular beliefs, party, or group.

#manyvoicesonenationLet’s Agree to Disagree, But Remember, We Are All in This Together

It is post-election and we have a new president-elect.  Although we were not shocked by all the hostile and often misinformed social rants we saw, we are saddened to see that the election process is now over and people are still fighting and feeding the party divide fire with inflammatory posts.

But… before you slam others for posting videos and images of protestors, supporters, police abuse or attacks on police; of politicians, and everything else debated under the sun you need to remember one thing:  Every American is allowed to say pretty much whatever they think and feel.  Rather than take offense remember that you cannot pick and choose which Constitutional Rights apply to you and not to others.

However, we also believe that with rights — especially rights bought and paid for with the lives of many, we also all have a responsibility to exercise those rights with great care.

Before you spread lies and hatred, think about the message you are spreading.  Will it help?  Is it intended to hurt?  Insult?  Few negative social media messages are intended to do anything but cause further divisions by making light of someone else.

It is not only okay to disagree with others (for example, we support everyone’s First Amendment rights but have never burned a flag) but that is what the First Amendment really is all about … the right to disagree.

When you speak your mind, please also remember to listen because we are many voices, but still one nation.


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