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Why pay for professional content writing?

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Legal Content Writing ServicesContent Writing Has Some Quirks, But Is It Worth The Cost?

October 10, 2013

Writing for websites is a skill that, if you have a decent grasp of the English language and solid understanding of what you are writing about, seems like it really should not be that hard.

Content for the web has to accomplish two things:

  • Appeal to search engines; and
  • Appeal to the people reading it.

To be a successful content writer you need to have more than solid writing skills.  You must also know what to write about — what are people interested in, and will be most likely to share and link to.  You also need to write at an education level that will mesh with your audience.  Too many attorneys catering to the average Joe and Jane write at a level that is over consumer’s heads.  Google assigns a reading level value to your website (i.e., high school level, college level) and this rating is factored in when Google decides who might be interested in reading your content.

Can You Pass This Test?

Can you choose which of the following examples is more likely to be returned by a search engine in a search for a personal injury law firm in Maryland that specializes in car accident claims?

Example 1:

How Our Maryland Personal Injury And Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help You

Our Maryland expert attorneys have more than 25 years of experience in helping car accident victims get their justice. Our experienced personal injury and car accident lawyers will fight hard to get you the fair compensation you deserve for your truck, car, or motorcycle accident.  Contact our Maryland car accident lawyers today for a free consultation.

Example 2:

Maryland Car And Truck Accident Lawyers

Our vehicle accident and personal injury lawyers represents car accident victims throughout Maryland. If we can’t settle your accident claim, our trial lawyers can sue to get you fair compensation and damages for your injury or accident.  Call our Maryland personal injury lawyers today for your free initial consultation.

Example 3:

Personal Injury Lawyers Serving All Of Maryland

Our personal injury law firm represents accident victims and their families throughout Maryland. If we can’t get you a fair settlement for your car accident claim, our trial lawyers will take your case to court.  We want to help you get on with your life and will aggressively seek fair compensation and damages for your injuries.  Call our personal injury lawyers today for your free, initial consultation.

Answer:    If you do not know which example will perform better — and why — you need to hire a professional content writer.  (By the way, the answer is:  Number 3 will do better in search engines and will most likely also resonate better with people.  If you do not know why, than you still need a pro.)

Our Commitment To You

We guarantee our deadlines. If we promise you content we will deliver it on time or you do not pay us anything.

We guarantee all content and content rewrites will be original, created just for you – and under our agreements you will have full rights to reuse the content without our permission any way you want. And, you do not even have to give us credit for our work (but referrals and high praise is always appreciated.)

We’re cool like that.

Content Writing Services And Pricing

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