Updated: October 2, 2013


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We do not spy on people who use our website.

We believe people should be allowed to surf the web without having to worry about who is collecting and selling their data.  Below is what we capture, don’t capture, and how we handle data.

Privacy Statement

The California Online Privacy Protection Act Of 2003 (OPP) requires operators of commercial websites that collect personally identifiable information from California’s residents to conspicuously post and comply with a privacy policy that meets certain requirements.

We don’t spy on you.  We don’t collect personally identifiable information.

We do not track who you are or where you came from or where you walk your dog.

We do not need to find you, sell your web surfing data, or do spammy stuff with your information.

We do not collect personal information or information about your browsing habits nor share any information you send to us via email or our online forms with anyone else.

Any information you convey to us over the Internet, in person, over the phone, or via morse code we keep in strictest of confidence.

We honor your right to privacy. Period. Any information you send us through our website, via email or postal service, or provide over the phone remains in strictest confidence unless doing so would violate and federal or state laws.

We do use Google Analytics cookies.

We use Google Analytics tracking to monitor our website traffic. Google Analytics (GA) does not capture any identifying information whatsoever, however, GA does use cookies. To see what cookies our site (and any other website) uses:

  • Open the website (any page) in a browser.
  • Cut and paste the following in the your browser (over top where the URL appears):


  • Then press Enter. The cookie for that site and domain will be shown. If there is no cookie, nothing will show.

Our website should show the Google Analytics cookie ONLY:

Cookie:__utma=36424381.1275804979.1271090849.1271115829.1271128974.3; __utmc=36424381; __utmz=36424381.1271090849.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none); __utmb=36424381.1.10.1271128974