Accountability Check!

Google AnalyticsEver wonder what your SEO or marketing company is really doing all day long?  With our reporting system you can actually see what we do — you won’t have to take our word for it.

We offer all our active clients on monthly service plans access to their reports.  We use a third-party to pull reports from Google Analytics, and all your social networking accounts (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, and Google+) that feed into one easy-to-access reporting system.

We do not create these reports — they come, unedited, directly from their sources.  We only make them available under one log-in account so you do not have to log into multiple places.

Reports are customizable and can include a variety of data, but we always include:

  • Total Traffic
  • Referral and Social Network Traffic
  • Mobile Device Traffic
  • Landing Page Date
  • Keywords
  • Social Network Activity (tweets, updates, mentions, etc.)
  • RSS Feed (so you can easily see what content has been added to your website lately)

FAQs About Our Services