Search engine optimization (SEO) is not just about writing metadata.

We provide a wide range of web marketing services for all types of business owners, but we specialize in meeting the unique needs of attorneys.

Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Services

Any semi-decent SEO company can entice robots to your site with metadata (industry secret – it is really not that hard.) But getting robots to digest your sites’ information so they index it properly and share positive information with other web crawlers does require some skill.

Companies that offer “SEO” services that are based on three things: keyword metadata, “free submission to 1,000s of search engines,” and inbound links galore are out to take your money and can ruin your website because metadata is not enough and the other two “services” are in violation of Google Webmaster guidelines.

Month-To-Month, Kick-Ass Attorney Website Marketing Services

To be its best, your site must have good (great) content, working scripts, easy navigation, and solid bones. Our comprehensive services include building sites with solid infrastructure that optimizes robot and human interaction with your site. To support your brand, we promote your site across multiple social platforms.

We offer month-to-month services with no long-term contracts to sign. You get guaranteed exclusivity and great services including: social networking, SEO, organic link building, and more!

About Our Monthly Services

Responsive Websites, Accessible From Cell Phones, iPads, And Other Mobile Devices

Our web design services are geared towards getting you more organic traffic and making sure people who visit your site do not encounter any technical or navigation troubles. We make sure your site is built properly from the ground up.

To serve you well, your site must have great content, working scripts, easy navigation, and solid bones. Our comprehensive services include building sites with sound infrastructure that optimizes robot and human interaction with your site. To support your brand, we promote your site across multiple social platforms.

Web Design & Website Conversion

We build responsive websites from scratch. That means our websites will look good on personal computers, mobile devices (i.e., iPads), and cell phones.

Brand New Website Development

We also convert websites from proprietary platforms (i.e., FindLaw sites) into fully portable websites in nonproprietary content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.) That means your website can be moved from one host provider to another and it will still work.

Website Repair Or Conversion (For Existing Attorney Websites)

Social Networking Is Cheap, Effective, And Yes, Definitely For Lawyers

A growing number of lawyers are using social networks to promote their practice, and if you are not one of them it is time to wake up and smell the coffee (hopefully, as you pour over status updates on Facebook.)

The importance of supporting your website in search engines through the use of social networks cannot be overstated. Social presence is now factored into search engine algorithms. Even if you think Twitter and Facebook are dumb, the masses no longer do:

1.4 billion people now use their Facebook account daily with 2.13 billion users monthly; the average age of Twitter users is 35; there are now 375 million active accounts on Google+.

Social Media Marketing

We don’t sell “likes” and buy new followers. We work hard to get you legitimate followers (actual people) and not from fake accounts or spam bots.

We can set you up and build an organic community of followers (sorry, if you want to buy fans and followers hire someone else — we create relationships with people not fake accounts.)
We can set up your Google+ account and claim Google Authorship.
We connect you with others, creating conversations that lead to retweets, mentions, Facebook likes and shares, and other valuable mentions.
We will update your social networks on a daily basis, and your blog on a weekly basis.

Social Media Marketing

Comprehensive Website Analysis

Attorney Website MarketingNot getting enough traffic? Or maybe your site has traffic like the 405, I95, or some other congested interstate highway, but you are not getting the kind that actually converts to business.

We can solve your search engine puzzle for you and help you understand why your website is not doing as well as it should (for the record, we never blame Google because Google is transparent, fairly fair, and forgiving when you right your wrongs.) We can tell you what is and is not working for you so you can fix it and live well and prosper.

Website Analysis Services

SEO Contract Analysis

SEO Services Contract AnalysisThere are two great reasons to have us review and explain your SEO contract to you: To avoid getting ripped off (we can explain the services you are about to sign up for); or after you signed a contract, got ripped off and want out of your contract. (Our contracts are month-to-month; no long-term commitments!

Contract Analysis Services

Domain Hosting

Web Hosting and Domain SalesAll our active clients on monthly service plans get free hosting with unlimited domain names, storage, and bandwidth.

We run our own servers so you won’t have to worry about being associated with other websites that search engines see as “bad neighborhoods.” We also provide email service options.

Domain Hosting Packages

Turnkey Domains For Sale

We have many domains for sale — domain names and turn-key websites already live and performing on the web.

Domain Hosting Packages


Some Restrictions Apply

Because we give all our active clients 100% exclusivity, if your business or law firm would compete with one of our active clients, we will not be able to offer you our services.