If you are happy with your current web services company, there really is no reason to look for greener pastures. But if you are unhappy with them, be sure you read the fine print in your service agreement before you cancel, or you may end up needing our website repair services.

But if you are not happy…

You might need SEO and website repair services if…

Attorney and Legal Website Help

  • You want justice. Someone else royally trashed your site and you need comprehensive documentation of all site repair work done to support legal action for restitution. If you need to sue your SEO company, we can help document the damage if you contact us immediately.
  • You hate your website. Your site is so badly messed up it makes you want to junk it all and start from scratch but you need it done right and you need it done fast.
  • Your site needs an analyst. You need a site analysis and someone to help you prioritize and develop strategies you want to implement on your own.
  • You need an exit strategy from another SEO company. You plan to leave another company but need an exit strategy so they won’t ruin your site before you leave.
  • You long for monthly SEO services that rock. You need a hands-on “OMG totally for real” monthly services web company that will help you grow your site, develop legitimate inbound links (not bogus links from link farms) and keep the robots happy.
  • Workaholics. You do not have the time to do stuff yourself.
  • Smart, but humble folks. You do not have the knowledge to do it yourself.
  • You like to party. You have the time and knowledge but still do not want to do it yourself.

Some Of The Stuff We Do To Fix Websites

  • Bossing robots around: We analyze your robot.txt file and site-map file to make sure robots know who’s boss (you). If you do not have these files, we create them for you because you simply must have them, dahhhling).
  • Bug hunting expeditions / complete site analysis: Including directory structure, content, layout, use of format commands, links checked, scripts validated, and to help us find “bugs” we even send robot spiders to crawl your site!
  • Happy robots and humans meta data: Robots and humans see things differently. Our meta data makes both happy, including page titles, keywords, descriptions, alt and title tags, and more. Your site will be more robot-friendly than Pixar and accessible to the disabled, too.
  • We clean up messy stuff: We correct typos, repair broken links, scripts, code, and point out site flaws with the clever ruthlessness of a sibling (and yes, we do “Windows,” too.)

Although we do create websites from scratch, most of our work is devoted to rescuing clients who are experiencing some sort of website or business crisis.  If you need a site rebuilt or major repairs done, we can help.