How can you offer guarantees when Google says you can't?
What do you mean by “exclusivity?”
Why can’t you just use my FindLaw/Justia/Scorpion or other major attorney marketing company website as it is? Why do you have to rebuild it?
Will rebuilding my website hurt its standing in search engines so I have to start all over again? Will I lose inbound links?
Why do you use WordPress?
Will I be able to access my own website?
Can I take over my own website?
What reports will I get?
What social networks will you use to promote my website?
How will you build links to my website?
How much content will you write each month?
How much will my traffic increase?
Where do you get your images from?
Do you outsource or subcontract website work out?
We want people to know who is doing our website. Why don’t you allow your own company link on our website footer?
What happens if I want to end my contract?

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