We Guarantee All SEO Work, Web Development & Marketing – In Writing!

Individual Guarantees for SEO and Comprehensive Services

Whitehat SEO Tips and StrategiesIf you subscribe to our monthly SEO services package and your website fails to be indexed because of any work we did – or failed to do, according to the terms of our contract, we will provide you with free monthly SEO services until your site is well-indexed by at least two major search engines*, and showing up in the top ten results for at least five major keyword searches on Google.

Because each job has unique requirements and challenges, we work with you to customize an individual guarantee based on your work specifications. Your guarantee may also include having work completed within a certain time frame, benchmarks for measuring search engine performance, etc.

Our Commitment to Our Monthly Services Clients

For as long as you are with us, we will not do any work at all (not even consult with) any competing business or attorney.  We cannot do our very best for you if we are also working for your competition.  We put this exclusivity clause in writing in your contract.

  • Guarantee #1: For as long as you are on an active monthly service agreement with us we will not take on any new client that might be in direct competition with your business. For example, if you are a dentist serving Northern VA, we will not help any other dentist in Northern VA. If you are a personal injury lawyer in Connecticut serving the entire state, we will not take on any competing attorneys.
  • Guarantee #2: If we SEO your website and it fails to be indexed because of any work we did – or work we failed to do according to the terms of your agreement, your monthly SEO services are 100% free until your site is well-indexed by at least two major search engines.
  • Guarantee #3:  We will not outsource your job to a third party or foreign country.
  • Guarantee #4:  We will not use any method to boost your website performance that would be considered “blackhat” under the terms of Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Guarantee #5:  If we fail to meet mutually agreed upon keyword benchmarks and search engine placement, we will continuing optimizing and marketing your website for free until we do. If you are not happy with us, we are not happy with ourselves, either.

No Scary Long-Term Commitments

95% of all our clients come to us after having had a bad experience with a previous web marketing company.  We appreciate your reluctance to sign another long-term contract locking you into a year.  So we won’t make you do it.

All service contracts are offered on a month-to-month basis.  Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.  As long as you are current on your account you take with you everything … content, images, accounts, the whole shebang without any cancellation fees or hidden costs.  (Note:  You may have to pay a new company or host provider to move your website if you are unable to do this, or, we can do it for you for a nominal fee.)

How can you offer guarantees when Google says you can’t?

Simple.  Google only says we cannot offer you a guarantee that you will show number one on a specific search term, and we don’t.  But Google is fine with us saying we stand behind our work.  The bottom line is that SEO companies that rip us apart as being “fakes” because we offer a guarantee aren’t getting it — and they are not willing to stand behind their work like we do.  We don’t feel we should get to take your money and not offer you some written promise that the work we do will make a positive difference.  We do not sell “no returns, no refunds, buyer beware services.”

SEO companies that are not willing to take some of the financial risk with you are not nearly as motivated as we are — we perform or we don’t get paid.  This is one of the main reasons we will not take on two competing clients at the same time.

* Major search engines are: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL.