Guaranteed SEO / SEM Services Work on a Monthly Basis

Pricing: Contact Us About A JobContact us to discuss your needs.

We do not offer fixed pricing as each clients’ needs are unique.  We need to know more about you, your business, and your competition before offering a price quote.  We know that it is not enough to make your site better — it has to beat your competition.  We only take on clients we know we can help.  If you are under contract with FindLaw, Scorpion, or another major attorney marketing company, show us your contract rates and we will beat them by at least 10%.

Want to know why it is getting tougher to get your site ranked and keep it showing in searches?  The number of websites for search engines to deal with is growing at astronomical rates and to keep up with this information overload they keep changing their algorithms.

Want to know why most SEO marketing companies won’t guarantee their work?  Because it is so tough to get and keep a site ranked because … (see paragraph above.)

  • In 2012, Google had 50 billion web pages actively indexed in its caches.  That is an increase of 21 billion new pages in only two years.
  • Between 2012 and 2013 there were 51 million new websites launched.  The top 1 million websites in the United States grab 43% of all traffic.

No wonder SEO companies won’t put any promises they make in writing (did we mention that we do?)  The days of lazy SEO and blackhat strategies are well behind us (we never did those things anyhow) and if you want to stay on top in searches you really need to get your game on and go into double overtime.

Your websites’ success depends on two very important things:

  • Beating your competition in searches. For this reason we believe that taking on clients who might compete with each other creates a conflict of interest.
  • Engagement and conversion.  Once people find your website, how will you engage them?  How will you get them to contact you or buy your products or services?

Guaranteed Exclusivity

Ask your SEO company how they can work equally hard to get all their clients to be successful if some of them are in direct competition with each other.  For as long as you are on an active monthly service agreement with us we will not take on any new clients that might be in direct competition with your business. Taking on two clients fighting for the same traffic means someone will always be in second place.  So, if you are a defense attorney that takes cases throughout Florida, we won’t even talk to another attorney who practices defense law in Florida (we put that in writing, too.)

We also offer other guarantees including benchmark performance, no outsourcing, no blackhat — in other words, we are willing to stand behind our work.  More About Our Guarantees

What Our Monthly Services Include

Ongoing SEO Work: Weekly monitoring of sites’ performance in search engines, social networks, and direct traffic. If you are not showing any improvement, we fine-tune SEO work to increase your online visibility.

Page Updates: We want to help you grow your website. Depending upon on the level of services you wish to purchase, we will create (you provide content) up to ten free, new pages for your website each month, complete with SEO. If you need us to add more than your contract stipulates you pay only $15 per additional page. If you want us to handle you social network marketing, we can do that for you, too.

Social Networking:  We set up and run multiple social media platforms for you including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and more.  We build your reputation and social community through best practices and do not “spam” outlets not buy likes or fans.  More About Our Social Media Marketing Services

Real-Time Reporting: We provide access to reports on the work we did and how your site is performing that are updated every 24-48 hours.  More About Our Reports

Free Consulting Services:  Ask questions, have us train you in the art of SEO, or give us a special research task related to your business or website.  More About Our Consulting Services

You also get:

  • Free domain hosting
  • Free email
  • Free tech support
  • Guaranteed results or you don’t pay for services!

* Some Restrictions Apply – Because we give all our active clients 100% exclusivity, if your business or law firm would compete with one of our active clients, we will not be able to offer you our services.