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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Where’s the beef?

Search Engine Marketing StrategiesTo help you get the best possible search engine recognition and performance from your website you need more than metadata.  The days of simply adding keyword rich meta tags to get your site ranked are long gone.  Web crawling robots are insatiable data devourers and “back in the day” all you needed to do was educate them (SEO and content) what your site is about in order to show well in searches.

That is no longer true.

Search engines factor in a lot more than just your websites’ SEO and content when deciding how worthy it is of being returned in searches.  A few things that now matter A LOT include:

  • Content that offers information – not just keywords and marketing material (in other words, content worth sharing).  Which brings us to …
  • … Free of spammy links, but rich with high-quality organic links.
  • Fresh!  If you are not regularly updating your website the next guy who is will probably do better than you in searches.
  • Blog anyone?  Search engines look for RSS feeds from blogs.  Do you have one?
  • Site speed (hint: If you are using Flash, table-based HTML or layouts, too many scripts, etc. you site is slower than it should be.)
  • Overall webutation (are you appearing in, or actively being talked about on social networks?)
  • Google also cares whether or not you are using Google+ and have claimed publisher/authorship for your website.

We make sure your big fluffy website has plenty of beef to match the bun.

Why we are not just another “meta blah” company

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services are among the most comprehensive on the web. We believe SEO is not just about writing meta tags and keywords. Lots of companies can entice robots to your site with metadata (industry secret – it is really not that hard). But getting robots to digest your sites’ information so they index it properly and share positive information with other web crawlers does require lots of skill.

After the thrill is gone

SEO “experts” that populate your site with what amounts to meta spam or black hat SEO techniques may get you initially ranked, but search engine robots are quick to catch on and the thrill is usually short-lived.   Think about all the link farm websites you see junking up your best Google search query returns. Geek-wanabees use spam meta data for robots to binge on and in a week they are banned (robots are quick to purge after eating nothing but junk meta food) or start slipping into obscurity … again.

The first step: We get to know you, your business, and your competition

SEO involves understanding your business (we actually read your website), researching your industry, and your competition. But for SEO to be most effective, your site needs to be in good working order first.

We look for bad hyperlinks, coding errors, pick at Java Scripts and php, and look at your content and site structure. Rather than take your money for SEO work on an unpolished site, we will tell you if there are things you should consider correcting first.

If your site already works great – then let the SEO fun begin! If it is not in good working order, we will not SEO it until it is. If you need help fixing stuff, we’d be glad to tidy up your site. But usually we find things site owners can easily fix without our help.

If we do agree to SEO your website … we do meta data and much, much more

We do meta data as if our own livelihood depends on your success (oh, wait, it actually does). So our services include ensuring that your site is access-friendly for the disabled (and to people who do things like turn off flash and images), and all your hyperlinks and images carry the right keyword-rich alt and title tags.

Quality content and meta data can entice robots to your site, but if they encounter coding errors, too many dreaded “404 page not found errors” or your pages are in too deep, they might not stay long enough to make you happy.

We will spider your site, assess security for marauding spam robots and if you use unobfuscated email addresses (stop it!) we will obfuscate them for you so spam robots can never find you and sell your treasured email information to the secret order of monk spammers… (cue evil anti-spam robot laughter.)

We support your website through social networks and blogs.