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Marketing Solutions

Not getting enough traffic? Or maybe your site has traffic like the 405, I95, or some other congested interstate highway, but you are not getting the kind that actually converts to business.

We can solve your search engine puzzle for you and help you understand why your website is not doing as well as it should (for the record, we never blame Google because Google is transparent, fairly fair, and forgiving when you right your wrongs.) We can tell you what is and is not working for you so you can fix it and live well and prosper.

Why Hire Us Instead Of Joe SEO, Inc.?

We are different from other web marketing companies in three very important ways:

We work hard. We don’t use lazy tech tools, like keyword generators and auto SEO tools. We do it all by hand. Yes, an actual sentient being will be studying, analyzing, reading your site. (Guess who uses those auto tools? Spammers, hackers, and lazy marketers.)

We stalk your competition. We also analyze your top competition and tell you why they are beating you in search engines.

We deliver solutions. And last, we report to you an actual report — not a sales pitch. We will tell you how to fix any issues we find so you can do it on your own, or you can even take our report to some other SEO company and say “here fix this stuff.” (If you want us to fix, enhance, improve, we can — just ask and we will submit a formal proposal for your consideration and if you do hire us 100% of the analysis fee is credited towards your account.)

Stuff We Analyze

Website Marketing And Performance Stuff

We look at your metadata, tags, and study how effectively keywords are being optimized on your website.
We look for navigation problems, dead links, 404 errors, and your scripts.
We query all four major search engines to see how well your website is being indexed.
We use competitive keyword searches to see how well you appear in search engines.
We screen your website for accessibility for the disabled.
We read your content (yes, we really do read it) to make sure it is targeted content.
We check to make sure your disclaimers and privacy statements meet legal requirements.

We also include a report on your top three competitors — business you have to beat!*

Technical Stuff

We look at your website structure (where your files are and how they are laid out.)
We spider your website to see how well search engines can crawl your website.
We look at your site maps and robot.txt file.
We look at the source code to see if there are any problems.
We check for security issues and vulnerabilities, too.

Social Branding Stuff

We check your brand — scouting out good/bad reviews and your social presence.
If you use Twitter, Facebook, Googe+, etc. we consider that part of your website and assess your social networks for you.

Comprehensive Website Analysis

$750.00 /Website

We analyze your website and your competitors!*

Order An Analysis


Reports are comprehensive and will include specific solutions performance improvements (page speed, navigation, and functionality), suggested targets, recommended content, keyword analysis, social media strategies, as well as meta data for your most important pages. Our reports will detail what you are doing right, could do better, and what your competition is doing so you can meet them head on.

We will not include a price quote to fix things for you. If you want us to help you, just ask and we will submit a formal proposal. If you do decide to hire us, 100% of your cost of the analysis will be credited towards the cost of any work you hire us to perform.

A deposit of 50% is required upfront and the remaining 50% is due upon receipt of your report. We accept checks, PayPal, VISA, and MasterCard.

* Some Restrictions Apply – Because we give all our active clients 100% exclusivity, if your business or law firm would compete with one of our active clients, we will not be able to offer you our services.