A longer client testimonial

Client TestimonialsExcerpts from a blog post by Kevin Weeks

…Having known her [Lahle Wolfe] on-line for a couple of years I already had a high estimation of her abilities and knowledge. But, Damn, she’s good! …Lahle knows how to code for the Web.

Chef and food columnist, Kevin Weeks, migrated his website from Blogger to Word Press. When he ran into troubles that took his well-established and very large website down, we considered it a true business emergency.

Within only a couple of days, LA Wolfe rescued Seriously Good from site migration limbo. Working closely with Mr. Weeks, the new site was quickly back in full swing. In gratitude, Weeks recounted his experience, frustrations, and praise for the work done on his site.

I don’t recall when the PHP computer scripting language was released, I do recall when I first looked it over I ran screaming to my bedroom and cowered under the covers until hunger eventually forced me out of bed. The fact that I considered the abilities of those extolling it’s virtues in the same laudatory realm as technical opinions of ditch-diggers and insurance salesmen didn’t help. Fortunately by that time in my career I no longer had to learn new languages unless they interested me and so I could blithely pretend it didn’t exist.

Then Blogger decided to abandon me and countless others who had been using it’s tools to host our independent blogs. WordPress was clearly the best alternative, even though it used PHP for scripting. After finally managing to get my content from the Blogger version of Seriously Good into WordPress — discovering along the way that all presentation effects had been lost — it was time to swallow my revulsion and delve into PHP.

I wish I could say that what you are looking at now is a result of my heroic stoicism and ability to rapidly assimilate a new technology, but it’s not. What you are looking at now is the incredibly kind and expert efforts of a fellow About.com guide. Her name is Lahle Wolfe.

…I am in the process of going through my 900-odd posts (yes, I suffer from logorrhoea) to add tags and categorize them (something I’ve long-desired). Stay tuned, good things will come of this forced migration not least because of the work done by Lahle Wolfe. I am in her debt and if you need a supremely competent Web designer…